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One sentence. Nine words. That's where it all started.

Making a positive difference starts with people helping people.

This is our mission. Founded by BK Boreyko and his family, Vemma's parent company, New Vision?, is a revolutionary leader in health and wellness. With over $1 billion in total
retail sales, this company helped pioneer liquid nutrition over
12 years ago by introducing the #1 selling liquid mineral supplement in North America.

Investing all the lessons learned over the last twelve years in product research and business concepts, Vemma? is primed
to make the same intense impact. One main reason for the creation of Vemma was the tremendous amount of people
that missed the New Vision billion dollar wave where people
just like you got

their share of almost $500 million in paid commissions.

Some call it a mulligan, others call it a do over. If you've ever missed out on an opportunity because of your timing, don't miss this one! This is YOUR encore opportunity at the next billion dollar wellness company while it's still in its initial
growth stage!

If you're in need of another chance at success, you've landed
on the right site. Just don't let this one go, we're ready for
your encore!

After twelve years and over a billion in sales, our mission isn't over, it's just beginning.

We want to enrich the quality of your life.

BK Boreyko, President, CEO of Vemma

BK BoreykoWhen looking to make a major life change, or even a small one, many
look for inspiration from those who
have achieved great success and
want direction from someone who
has made it happen for tens of thousands of people. Some just like you. BK Boreyko is just that mentor!

Learn more about BK Boreyko, the man behind the mission.

Renze Deelstra"Vemma is total freedom; you can work with people who you want, where you want and when you want. No more 'Thank God It's Friday' and no more Monday morning traffic-jams! As a result of joining Vemma I have more freedom to do the things I enjoy! If this is possible for me, it is also possible for you! What means real freedom to you? "

- Renze Deelstra
Vemma Elite Member

* Individual results vary. You may not do as well.

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